One of the world's great photographic marques has been reborn. 

ADOX Filme

Click here to be redirected to Adox FotoImpex of Berlin, Germany, who manufacture and market photographic films, papers, chemistries, and equipment under the Adox brand.


Click here to be redirected to the corporate identity page of Adox Fotowerke, Inc., of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which manufactures and markets products under the Bluefire brand. Adox Fotowerke, Inc. of Calgary, who owns the Adox trademark in Canada, has licensed the use of the Adox trademark in Canada exclusively to Adox FotoImpex Berlin.


The original German company, Adox Fotowerke Dr. C. Schleussner GMBH of Frankfurt am Main, was the world's first photographic materials manufacturer. Dr. Carl Schleussner did pioneering work on the wet-colloidon process during the early years of photography, and formed his manufacturing company in 1860. Working with the physicist Roentgen, discoverer of x-rays, Dr. Schleussner invented the first x-ray plate.

The Schleussner family's photographic business was always family-owned, and never achieved the size of a Kodak or an Agfa. But they innovated steadily, creating a stream of new technologies. The family held (and still has) leadership in medical diagnostics and industrial coating. They created a stir in the photographic world with a completely new, high-sharpness, thin-emulsion film which went on the market in 1952, the legendary Adox KB17. The new film was a significant advance, and marked a turning point in photographic science. After the Schleussner family sold its photographic holdings in 1962, the trademark eventually fell into disuse.

Since 2003, Adox brand photographic goods have been manufactured and sold worldwide by Adox FotoImpex, of Berlin, Germany.



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